A flurry of ill-formatted code works its way across the internet, neatly wrapped in tiny packages generated by instant messagers. Pasting code into an instant message, while convenient, rarely works out well.
And that is where this “World Wide Web” comes in. It saunters in, wearing its glittering shades with an easy confidence as its poorly chosen hat rests awkwardly atop its head. He carries with him a solution, though difficult to pick out against the backdrop of a shirt he seemingly purchased solely for its garish juxtaposition of bright and strangely flashing colours.

I, myself, have sent my share of code via MSN or GoogleTalk. Foreign eyes can often better detect errors than those that have become familiar with the tangle of semicolons and brackets before them.

But, no more. Well, hopefully at least, less frequently.

codepaste. Just paste in some code, and it will store it for anyone to view. Using Geshi, it will probably even syntax highlight it. If you don’t want to paste the link, you can have codepaste e-mail it to whomever you wish.

codepaste: now featuring dark and light skins.