A business card viewer

Sometimes I have to show people business card designs. Sometimes I have to look at them myself. Usually what happens is we all end up with hundreds of PDFs, each portraying a single side of a single card.

And if you want to show the idea behind a gloss? Guys that requires a lot of imagination on the viewer’s part.

I wanted a better way – a more interactive way. So I made one.

Click on the card to flip it.

All you need to do is provide any of the front, back, and front or back gloss images. The gloss images have to be transparent in all places except for the gloss itself.

I wrote a JS file and psuedo-class to add the card viewer to a page, which I’ll probably get around to releasing eventually. Then other people will be able to use it if they want to. The idea being that you won’t have to download or upload any files except for the card images themselves.

IMO it’s pretty easy to use, but I made it.

Also by releasing I just mean providing documentation about how to do it, and maybe some examples.



  1. Shaun says:

    I am impressed by your ability to identify a common problem, devise a solution, and execute it.

  2. Brad says:

    @Shaun Tyty.

    BTW, if you don’t see anything it requires Flash 10.

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