spinning a test game

Hey, so I made a game for my iriver spinn:

Hit the ball into the green side, while keeping it away from the red side, and never dropping it.

The controls make more sense on the spinn, but press the enter key to pause, or any time it says click the spinner.

Hitting the arrow keys ( or spinning the spinner ) quickly moves the ghost-bar further, which is where the real bar will eventually end up.

My highest score so far is 12.

I couldnt get fscommand2( "StartVibrate" ) to work, which is kind of sad. I was going to make it vibrate when you lost a point.

If anyone wants the game, the swf is here.

Oh, also, I modified my spinn’s theme a bit. The biggest change is now the background is black instead of pretending to be an lcd 😛



  1. Brad says:

    18 now!

  2. spit007 says:

    good game with good integration on my spinn
    but only 21
    are you develop other game or theme for your spinn???

    ps: excuse my bad english but I’m belgian

  3. Brad says:

    I started some other games, but don’t know if I’ll finish them. I did just make a calculator for my spinn, though!