a flash slideshow

JB and I have basically mastered the test game I made (from the last post). I think I should make another one. Maybe a nibbles/worm/snake styled game? That should be easy-ish.

I’ve been doing a lot of flash lately (mostly Actionscript 3, thankfully). A week ago, I posted a Ron C. concept in a flash slideshow.

Oh, yeah, I made a slideshow that is super easy to use if you were the one who made it and did so recently.

The code to add it to a webpage is basically this:

new Slideshow({
	swfPath: "slideshows/bin/",
	config: 'slideshows/ronc2.xml',
	width: 480,
	height: 486
	{ colour: "ffffff" }

And the xml that describes the slideshow is:

<slideshow basePath="slideshows/images/ronc/2/" 
		duration="6000" bgcolour="0xffffff">
	<img src="home.jpg"/>
	<img src="gallery.jpg"/>
	<img src="secondary.jpg"/>

You guys don’t get any comments explaining what the various fields refer to. If Altered Effect ever gets a real website, I’ll prob officially release it.

I started working on an ae actionscript 3 library which the slideshow makes use of. I even set up an SVN server, and made a repository. Now I just have to remember to always commit and update as necessary 😛

Next blog: a picture of my new sunglasses? Flash image gallery? using ExternalInterface to communicate between javascript and actionscript 3 ( or, I want paypal buy now buttons in flash – uhoh)? A studio sketchy style comic?

You decide, or I will.