Another summary? Again? Seriously?

So much random stuff today!

Tacotime wanted a script to redirect visitors to affiliate websites; I made one for him. He wanted it to keep track of how many times it sent people to each site, which meant an interface for managing affiliates – and is how a 30 minute project turns into a 2 hour one. And that extra 1.5 hours is so boring. Oh, well. It’s done now.

Link selection is weighted by past redirects, which results in the interesting side-effect of it being far more likely for new affiliates to be chosen than any other – at least until they catch up.

Javier wanted Bradicon to include 128×128, 96×96, and 64×64 versions in its icons. Adding those involved ~3 lines each. Not much of a change, but how could I be sure it worked?

I wrote a function to ouputs the icXOR map as coloured divs. And, man, do browsers hate rendering 800kb of divs! Seems like something they should be optimized for. You know, rendering html? Guess not, though, and tbh I’m pretty disappointed by that.

I don’t know if the additional sizes (also 256×256) are useful to many people, but if they are, I will add them to the live version of Bradicon. So far only two people have asked for that sort of thing, and that ~2 years apart.

I spent some time throwing a little red ball at a wall. It sports a smiley face. Sometimes I even caught it when it bounced back toward me.

On occasions not so rare as you might expect, I share friendship with people IRL. Often it involves a meal of food.

Deciding on restaurants is a ridiculous trial, but that is what it is. I wrote a web app to decide for us. It allows for managing a restaurant list, complete with user-specified weights.

I make a lot of little things. And then forget about them completely. Which is one of the reasons I find keeping a blog useful. Of course sometimes they do not lend themselves easily to examples, or I just don’t deem them important enough to mention. And that is how we come to these boring summary blogs. I’m going to try to limit them in the future, but we’ll see how successful that is. I suspect few. Few successfuls.

I am the best at English sometimes.



  1. Shaun says:

    I like the summary blogs!

    I didn’t know you worked for Tacotime. Could you get me a coupon? I <3 Taco Time. It is what Robin brings me when I program things.

    Also I found your div drawer awesome.

    This has been a summary comment.

  2. Brad says:

    I am dumb. Tacotime is a guy’s name on google talk. I forgot it was a real thing as well 😛

  3. k says:

    Two tacotimes =O

    All the summary blog lacks is a link to each thing it summarises.

    The pixel divs reminded me of slime0’s javascript raytracer. It is apparently quite hard to make a bitmap in html.

    I wonder what it is called when you bounce a ball off a wall and sometimes catch it? I wonder where this is done?

  4. Brad says:

    oh man. It is totally called relaxing, and is done anywhere their is both a ball and a flat-ish wall!