An entire month of icons!

So many days have passed since the 24th of last month, and even more icons have been converted: 16002 total – an average of 516 per day! And the garbage collector even works — no more SSHing in every few days to delete old files for me!

That’s a lot of icons per day IMO! A lot of icons in general.

So a while ago I was working on a flash card system. That’s how that business card viewer was accomplished so quickly.

Here's a front-end for it.

It loads XML so I just need to finish the web flash card set creator, and then you can use it for all your learning needs!



  1. Brad says:

    haha I find your use of exclamation marks enjoyable and amusing!

  2. k says:

    Motion blur =O Is that my lcd monitor demonstrating you have an incredibly high framerate or did you implement a motion blur effect? How?

  3. Brad says:

    Haha I added motion blur! I thought it would look cool but now I sometimes just sit and click on it and watch it spin :S
    I have a blur filter and change its properties and apply it to the card when flipping. Also the X blur is greater than the Y blur, because that seemed appropriate.

    Maybe now it will feel a little more professional and a little softer to people?

  4. k says:

    It definitely looks a ton slicker than the old one?

    I would have torn my hair out trying to create some kind of interpolating pixelbender shader, but you solved everything with arts =O

    But yar one tends to just click it and watch the pleasant spin.