I installed VirtualBox the other day, to test out virtuals, and it completely killed my network. And continued to do so as soon as, and every time, it was started. Which was frustrating.

But eventually I stumbled across the sequence of words google needed, and was lead to a solution.

I downloaded ISOs for Gobolinux and Solaris 10, but onto another machine, since my wireless is unreliable. I mounted them from the network at first, which lead to problems whenever the connection cut out. My wireless is unreliable.

Once I copied them to a flash drive, everything went smoothly. They both also could use the internet right away!

So now I have a virtual Gobolinux and a virtual Solaris set up on this machine!

VirtualBox is pretty awesome!



  1. k says:

    Yay, gobolinux!

    Your network problems sound sketchy.

  2. Brad says:

    I am far away from the wireless guy.. also downstairs.. also i think there is a cement wall floating around 🙁