Another month of icons / automated backups?

I missed the 24th by two days! (I thought it was the 26th.)

Oh well, Bradicon2 has been live now for two months and two days, and has converted 32,821 icons, averaging ~513 per day.

Don’t know if you know this or not, but that is a lot of icons.

Relatedly, I have two (non-local) web servers. If either dies bad things will happen. Much will be lost. I will probably get yelled at.

That’s the sort of thing that worries me, and combined with my laziness is why an automated backup system appeals to me.

The plan was to install a Linux on my old computer, and rsync with both servers. To backup MySQL I would just export sql files into a directory that would be rsynced anyway.

I installed a virtual linux using virtualbox, and wrote/setup the scripts that would be necessary — and it looks like I’ve got them all working! MySQL is being backed up on both the servers now (all cronned up), and the appropriate rsync commands are generated by the backup script.

When backing up from Dreamhost, I wanted to grab the home directories of every user I had access to. I didn’t want to hardcode that list, for obvious reasons, but I couldn’t figure out a way to get it other than with dreamhost’s API.

So I have this one long line that uses wget to retrieve the list of users from the internet, and parses the usernames out of it. 🙁

Oh well, it seems like it all works. I’ll remove the -n switch from rsync once I have an IRL computer ready.

And then we’ll see if stuff gets backup up. And if it does? That will be awesome. v awesome.



  1. J to the T says:

    Just so you know, 32821 icons is not that many. My desktop has 38675 on there.

  2. Brad says:

    36402 icons now. It’s catching up to your desktop!