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A heavy swell in disk use

You shut the door behind you, hang your keys on the wall, and expertly slip out of your shoes. You’re home, the birthday party is over, and what else is there to do but check the status of your servers.

Oh, no, disaster has struck.

df -m reports your disk usage is at 100%. You feel the wave break over you as panic settles in.

But how?

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Yeah so.. I got a new monitor, and it is pretty large! It comes from Dell and is 30 inches in you know.. metric? No wait, that’s the other one. Anyway, It has a resolution of 2560×1600! Which is convenient because my old, and now tiny monitor was 20″ with a resolution of 1600×1200 — so I turned that guy sideways.

Now they match and everything. It’s pretty awesome tbh 😀

Here are pictures.

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Another month of icons / automated backups?

I missed the 24th by two days! (I thought it was the 26th.)

Oh well, Bradicon2 has been live now for two months and two days, and has converted 32,821 icons, averaging ~513 per day.

Don’t know if you know this or not, but that is a lot of icons.

Relatedly, I have two (non-local) web servers. If either dies bad things will happen. Much will be lost. I will probably get yelled at.

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I installed VirtualBox the other day, to test out virtuals, and it completely killed my network. And continued to do so as soon as, and every time, it was started. Which was frustrating.

But eventually I stumbled across the sequence of words google needed, and was lead to a solution.

I downloaded ISOs for Gobolinux and Solaris 10, but onto another machine, since my wireless is unreliable. I mounted them from the network at first, which lead to problems whenever the connection cut out. My wireless is unreliable.

Once I copied them to a flash drive, everything went smoothly. They both also could use the internet right away!

So now I have a virtual Gobolinux and a virtual Solaris set up on this machine!

VirtualBox is pretty awesome!


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oh hey btw i got a new computer

Yeah so I got a new computer. Don’t know if you heard.

It is pretty good at performing many simple calculations and in quick succession. Better than me at it, though maybe not so great an accomplishment.

I ordered the parts from They all worked, and I was suprised. I figured, that many parts, odds are something will be defective. Pulled a Gladstone Gander.

So this computer, right? It has one of those intel rectangles in it for whatsit — processing? One of those generic looking i7 920s. It has 12 GB of RAM and two video cards.

It’s going to be terrible for developing on. I’ll write some code, and it’ll work fine. The frame rate will be reasonable, the computer will be happy, I’ll be relieved. But then someone else will try it out and manage ~3 frames per second. And three frames is just too few per second. It’s going to look bad.