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Magically managing menus

Hey, so, I’m going to detail my method for making menus. I’ll try as well to explain the reasons behind the choices I make. If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll try to fabricate a plausible answer.

Two popular menu types are drop down menus, and your basic expanding lists. But good news, the HTML we use for both is the same! Why? Because they’re both menus! They may look different, but in essence they’re nothing but a nested list of links. And in my opinion, we should do our best to use HTML to describe the data we’re presenting.

One big bonus is that if we take out the CSS, the website still usable. We can also easily provide alternate stylesheets for things like mobile phones, and pages are easy to navigate from text-based browsers. Most importantly, the HTML is short, clear, and easily readable.

Which is why I’m going to use nested lists. The styling will be done with CSS, and some event handling with Javascript (I’ll use JQuery because it’s nice, but don’t feel tied to it).

I’ve prepared a page complete with code quotes and comments:

I was too lazy to style it. Also, the magic was a trick. There was no magic. I’m sorry.

Your friend,