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The Family Wishlist is finally mobile friendly

Ten years ago today (plus or minus two to five years) I made The Family Wishlist. And it’s been good. People have found it helpful.

But The Family Wishlist had a problem, one that I hoped – as all problems do – would go away if I ignored it long enough. Much to my surprise, it got worse. Worse and worse.

Or, if not worse, than at least less forgiveable.

The Family Wishlist, you see, wasn’t mobile friendly. Like, at all. But come on guys, it was 2008. Did smart phones even exist then?
It’s impossible to say. But what I can tell you is they exist now; moreover, people use them. Constantly and for everything.

So, after putting it off for ten years – through the power of procrastination – I finally did it. Or, redid it, as it were. I’ve rewritten it entirely, using my API framework (lull7) for the back-end, and react for the front-.

Also, no more ads. Who wants to see those, right? Especially on a phone, where space is minimal.

So if you and your family need to coordinate gifts this season (or any season), give it a try! I don’t know, maybe you’re running a Secret Santa or some such. It does that too. Also, family isn’t mandatory – orphans are welcome. »

Thanks Greg, it truly did need an update.

Oh, also, I switched the email system over to SES so they should now arrive more reliably.

The Family Wishlist, 2018

The Family Wishlist
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Halloween 2008

It called for something unique, I thought. I’d be different by disguising myself as someone else entirely; by altering my dress, constructing a mask, and concealing myself completely behind another’s identity.

Of all the people in this world, living their lives day to day, I could think of just one suitable to use as camouflage: Jack Skellington — the pumpkin king.

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Bradmas 2008

Bradmas came early this year. I suppose that’s only to be expected when you live in the future.

After a long and censored day of work which ate away at bradmas like a ravenous cur, the quitting horn sounded and I, for want of a dinosaur, turned off my computer and flowed straight out the door.

I changed from my filthy work-clothing (building the internet is a dirty business), to something more dracula-friendly, and it was off to Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant.

There was singing, screaming, possibly some dancing, and even some food. There were “jokes” and “illusions”, a few ridiculously drunk people, and more screaming. Our draculet was Suicide Blonde, and much of the shrieking came directly from her.

Happy Bradmas, and don’t forget to collect your doom at the door.


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I find myself in an odd situation.

Living in the future, Christmas came to me (as all things should) before the rest of the world. But what was I to do? When was I to send the many mirrored messages, those obligatory words most associated with that date? There was no easy answer.

No. That’s a lie. There was an easy answer. In fact, there still is.

The answer friends, is now. This very moment, or at least in the near future.

Merry Christmas to you. While we’re at it, happy new year and joyous boxing day.


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I would like to take this opportunity, as always, to wish each and every one of you a happy Bradmas. Yes, it has come again.

But, this is no ordinary Bradmas. No, as of today I have officially lived a year for each hour in the day. What does that mean to you, you ask? What does it signify?

Well, for one thing it will now take more than a single day to defeat me. They will have to team up, perhaps into a week or even a month, if they wish to challenge me with any hope of success.

Also, we’re one step closer to getting Bradmas recognized as a universal holiday and hopefully even a stat.

Truly, it is a good time to celebrate.

Bradmas, however, can be a dangerous time. So be safe out there; especially when traversing the twisted systems of the internet. Especially when doing so alone.