Impose a PDF for printing double-sided on an 8.5x11 sheet, four pages per side and flipped over the short side. All sizes below are in inches because... honestly I don't know why sheets are listed in inches in Canada - but here we are and what's done is done!

If you print the resulting PDF, make sure that it's not scaled down when you do.

Resize: the pages in your PDF will be scaled down to fit. Including your margins.

Crop the content you want imposed should only be in the top left 4.25x5.5". Everything else will be cropped away.

The file you'd like to impose.

This value defines how sheets you want to make up your signatures. 2 equates to one entire 8.5x11 per signature. This should be a multiple of 2, but 1 may work.

This value defines how much the space between the pages increases as you move out from the centre of the signature. Currently it increases by half this value to account for the front and back of the sheets and because I don't really know what I'm doing.

Do you want the pages on bottom half of the 8.5x11 upside down? If they're upside down you can fold the page in half vertically and things should work out, which might allow all your cuts to be on the bottom half of the block.

If you select yes, a small mark should be created on the outside of each signature, moving slightly down with each one - to help you make sure you have them in the correct order. (I haven't actually tested this because I don't have a printer.)

What's going on??