Day Thirteen

Over the last few days, my meals have been dominated (or entirely consisting of) josh-sandwiches.

They’re not as good as the name might lead you to believe. The mustard tastes strange.

Hey that's the year!


Out of a hotel and into a hostel, again, today. Into an apartment-style unit with four Canadian fellows in the kitchen area (they claim they’re from Canada, but I find it difficult to believe that Nelson is actually a place) and two girls from England in a side-room. This place is kind of gross. Well, kind of is probably too delicate a term. But here I’m stuck for the next three days.

For a week or more, I’ve had a song stuck in my head. I had never heard it in full, so I couldn’t be sure that I liked it. Today in Southport (~45 minute walk from Surfers Paradise), I purchased it. How much do I heart The Veronicas? Turns out a lot.


I encountered some trolls tonight, fishing beneath a bridge. It reminded me of home.



  1. k says:

    Three days of surfing!

    I did not know Canada had trolls.

  2. Josh says:

    What are the main ingredients of a josh-sandwich? It sounds delicious and probably looks amazing.

  3. admin says:

    A josh sandwich consists of a hamburger bun, a generously application of mustard, and a slice of processed cheese. It is so named because it is the sandwich that you made for me at your birthday 😛

  4. p says:

    That reminds me of the time I was waiting in line at Mcdonalds, and the crazy woman in front of me ordered a Big Mac with no beef, sauce or onions.

    Normally I would gasp audibly at such a request, but brad has somehow dulled my senses about these type of things

    Too bad I couldn’t order a Big Mac with double the beef. I’d call it a McJoe.

  5. admin says:

    You should roll by burger king and get a quad stacker – that is truly the food of kings

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