Wormington Sans Pantaloons

Once upon a time (quite a while ago, in fact), I was sitting at a table in Gloria Jeans Coffees. They offer, amongst their heated and caffeinated beverages, moderately priced and wireless access to the internet. Perhaps you’re familiar with it?

It came to pass that my time “online” expired, and I was dropped into a situation that was somewhat awkward, and not even in the good way. Feeling lazy, I abdicated responsibility for resolving the situation and began to draw on my napkin.

What became of that was a worm, all dressed up but still oddly melancholy. Perhaps he sensed his impending doom. A doom that would descend upon him from the napkin-skies above. Perhaps he was reminiscing of days long past. I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure.

Wormington sans pantaloons

I decided to do a quick animation featuring that very worm. I even attempted to do it in the style with which he was drawn. Sadly, I failed. I blame flash and its horrible drawing interface. Also laziness.


  1. phats says:

    Hee heee! That is the best comic you’ve made yet! Poor Wormington Sans Pantaloons. So distinguished too!

    you should make it so that he moves like the slugs in “flushed away”… and then when the bird flies down make the screen inverse a few times to really show the fear.

    And then add a “replay” button so I can watch it again without refreshing 🙂