The Family Wishlist

Finally got around to making it!

It’s open to the public now (and free), so if you’re looking for a way to easily share the gifts you are interested in, I know where you should look.

» www.thefamilywishlist.com

One of my favourite things about it, really of little importance with regard to the purpose of the site — but hopefully enhances usability — is how you can associate alternate e-mail addresses with your account. From a users perspective, it works much like Facebook in that feature.

You add an e-mail address, to which it sends a verification code. After you’ve verified that e-mail address, you can use it for everything you’d otherwise use an e-mail address for on the site. You can log in using it and people can use it to add you to their list.



  1. Phats says:

    Wow Brad. That is crazy awesome. Hope it takes off!

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