Halloween 2008

It called for something unique, I thought. I’d be different by disguising myself as someone else entirely; by altering my dress, constructing a mask, and concealing myself completely behind another’s identity.

Of all the people in this world, living their lives day to day, I could think of just one suitable to use as camouflage: Jack Skellington — the pumpkin king.

Six years ago, a bouncy green ball was given to me. With age, it had begun to deflate. Any costume made, I decided, would necessarily serve also as a monument to its faithful service — as well as be its last.

Three point five layers of paper mache, more than a few paper towels, four-layered screen door mesh for his eyes and mouth, a few layers of paint, some fabric for the neck, a bit of padding, and a whole lot of gunned glue later and the mask was complete. Some black foam core, a box cutter, and some white paint — and so was the tie.

Jack’s skeleton head and bat tie

I'd always suspected that giant pile of newspapers would be crucial... one day.

Jack Skellington


  1. k says:

    I didn’t know you had made that yourself =O You’d better keep that mask. Just think of the social gatherings you could show up to — or if you ever became a secret vigilante or something.

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