Once again I’ve summarized a portion of my day in blog form + filler

Today I was full of energy and not tired at all.

That is a lie I was super tired. But don’t even worry I took a four hour nap (10-2am) before going on a business organization binge.

I used one of them – two, actually – spread sheets, and made a list of money coming in and money going out. Hopefully that will be useful somewhere down the road – if not, what a sap I will look like, friends.

Also I made three invoices.

By the way, I have an official invoice design now! It sports the newly selected altered effect logo, and I’m pretty happy with the design!

The next step, I guess, is to get business cards to appease the people who keep asking for them. I guess I’d better get to designing some. Though, I do kind of expect it to echo the logo fiasco. There is always the other one, though… hope? Positivity? Something like that, I presume.

After we obtain, and possibly even distribute some business cards, we need to figure out the other part — the hard part: how to get clients. Right now I do that by replying to their e-mails, which is really more clients getting me, than me getting them.

I’ve been distracted today, and didn’t really know what to write. But, good news! The idea of writing a useless or boring blog can’t even stop me. And I’m sticking with the good news descriptor.

As a way of apology, or in the custom of filler content, I’m posting an incredibly poorly drawn picture:


I drew a picture today with crayons, and it was better.



  1. Karl says:


    +9 for comic. Misconceptions can hurt indeed.

    Brad, you have a full blown business =O Will you hire me?

  2. Brad says:

    I will if my business is ever whatsit.. successful? You can be the programming/botony guy! 😀

  3. Shaun says:

    Your comic genuinely amused me!