Random thoughts from a far away land

I’ve often thought of winter as God’s mistake. I imagine him looking down on our little world from his throne on the moon. Sitting tall and proud, I imagine him seeing the trees lit with their red, orange, and yellow leaves and mistaking them for flame – a massive fire spanning whole hemispheres at a time.

Shocked by the result of his lapsed attention, his pride stung, he reacts. Overcompensating with cold and snow all to fight an imagined inferno.

He does this, I imagine, year after year. Never learning from his mistakes.

The snows of winter to quench the fires of autumn.

I don’t believe in a god and have never actually imagined that. I’ve imagined imagining it. Hopefully that counts?

I figured Saturday was a good time to post this, since people tend toward busy on the weekend – especially on its first day – not stuck at work like during the week, traversing the web to pass the time 😛



  1. k says:

    Is this quote a quote or something you came up with on your own?

    Maybe at first it was a mistake, and then someone ticked him off that really the leaves were just responding to a change in amount of daylight — but he had to keep it up to save face.

  2. ShaunK says:

    But then winter would only happen in regions with lots of deciduous trees?

  3. ShaunK says:

    Also you love writing poems.

  4. Brad says:

    umm that’s not a poem it’s a comical scenario in which god is an idiot. Also i hate the cold

  5. ShaunK says:

    It’s a poem about a comical scenario. 😛