Another secret project – or, the Brad signal

I have a brother. That guy jumped from an airplane, falling something like 220 kilometres per hour before landing in Australia, just the other day. He claims to have enjoyed it.

Guys, I am getting better at keeping secrets.

Bradsign - lit 002

I totally didn’t even mention that I was working on this guy, or so a cursory search tells me. I would have, but I was sure I had. Maybe I am just getting better at making up memories.

It started with a Molson Canadian light of my brother’s. It was styled after a bottle cap, and we stole it when he went to Australia. A bit of sanding removed most of the Molson stuff, and so we masked off a portion of it and sprayed white paint at it.

Unexpectedly, we inverted the mask, and sprayed red paint.

With an exacto knife, next came cutting the ae logo out of masking film.

bradsign - mask

As you can possibly see, there are little connectors between each of the pieces. This was to theoretically help us maintain ratios, etc.

We applied the mask to the surface of the plastic, so as the correct parts covered red and white. We then cut and removed the connecting pieces, and spray painted black over, and over again.

The Bradsign - lit 001

We are so much better at spray painting now than we once were. Perhaps not such a surprise, as this marks our first experience with the medium.

If we were to do it again, we could make it turn out far better. The red and the white would be evener (more like the black), and we wouldn’t make the same mistakes with the mask. Our curves would be smoother, and we would be sure to flatten the mask with greater accuracy. As it is, there are pieces where the black seeped slightly beneath it.

Oh, well. It looks pretty passable from 5+ feet away. A large part of us wants to sand it off and try again. I think we should ignore that part.

The starter for the florescent light is messed up. If I pull it out at the right time, the light will stay on. If not, it will blink and not even regularly. This is a problem unless I want to always leave it on, or if there is a power outage. I should try to find a new 32 watt starter so I can screw the light to the base, and mount it on my wall.

Man, I have no idea why we’re so tired.



  1. k says:

    That is incredibly awesome.

  2. Brad says:

    How awesome would it be if we wired it up notify us about fresh e-mails?

  3. Shaun says:


    Also I like your e-mail idea. I am sort of excited by the idea of internet appliances. It was one of the reasons I got so obsessive about my automagical torrent box when it was only mildly practical.

  4. k says:

    You could make your toast pop when xkcd is updated =O

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