Bradicon 1 is no more

Bradicon 2 is officially live as of 12:09 am on June 24, 2009. And all it took was a quick edit to httpd.conf. I created a single icon to ensure it still worked. I am sometimes paranoid like that.

As for advertising, I’ve only ever used Adsense. I don’t know how other systems compare. Which is the reason I signed up for Project Wonderful, and am now testing one of their ads on Bradicon. We’ll see how it does when pitted against its Adsense cousins, and decide if it’s worth keeping. Hopefully it is!

Unless there’s a plan to achieve something, I don’t really feel you can call it a goal. So I can’t say averaging $1 a day using advertisements is a goal, but it’s something I’m interested in accomplishing with minimal development if at all possible. I doubt it is, but that would at least pay for hosting which would be sweet.

Sometimes people e-mail me about bradicon. By sometimes I mean maybe three or even four times in the couple of years it has existed. And even though a large number of icons are converted, it is nice to learn that an actual real life person has not only found it useful but also sacrificed the time necessary to write an e-mail letting me know. So here’s an official thanks to those people! Also, hopefully they won’t hate the new design.



  1. k says:

    Project Wonderful is a great thing. I hope you decide to keep it.

  2. Brad says:

    Is it? So far only …interesting… web comics have bid on it and all for $0 :S

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