A spider is watching me from its prison of glass and i do not enjoy it

JT enjoys chainfactor.

I injured my wrist a while ago. I’m not completely sure how. At some indistinct point after that fall during ultimate, my back, wrist, and ankle began to hurt – but all on my left side. This is weird because I fell on my right side. That is where all the scrapes and bruises are. Sometimes I don’t understand mild injuries at all.

If you recall a few posts ago, I’d professed a desire to deviate from programming – at least temporarily. Karl suggested 3D. A good suggestion, but so many clicks to open 3D Studio Max. I called it off.

I launched Photoshop with what would amount to nearly as many (probably exactly as many) clicks. I’d try a different colouring technique.

I don’t have a problem with the way I colour. In fact, I am usually pretty happy with it. But, you know.. trying knew things, developing skills, etc. That’s a real thing, right?

To be honest, I am lazy. I will totally try things just to see if they will be faster/less work than my usual methods. Also if I think they think they can defeat me.

So I coloured a picture. It took a few sessions, because of the wrist pain, but eventually I finished it.
I wasn’t super happy with the result. I’ll probably give the technique another try. Give it a fair chance, and all that.

I do need to get better at tabletting. With paper, I’ll rotate it a bit to get the right arc. When I try that with the tablet I get all confused, because the picture is still straight on the monitor. I can tilt the monitor as well, sometimes, but that’s pretty slanty.

I really need to work on separating the two representations better in my head. I could see that potentially being very difficult, though.

Here is the coloured image, but shrunk in hopes of disguising its quality:



  1. k says:

    He is so sad, but so well-shaded. How will he ever resolve the two?

  2. Brad says:

    I couldn’t think of anything to draw, so i totally just stole this.

    I’m not sure if he’s sad or tired. Probably sad, though. Or at least defeated.

    I think he must have existed for a reason, but i have no idea what it was. Do you remember what he was for?

  3. Shaun says:

    I approve of this new technique. As far as I can tell my primary issues when trying to arts are perspective and shading/colouring. I just don’t get it and I’m not really sure why. Maybe I should try “techniques” and “practicing.” Honestly though I think it’d probably be easier for me to insinuate that I don’t think you’d be capable of drawing whatever it was I needed.

  4. Brad says:

    Whenever I make mistakes on paper I always try to cover them up with shading… also by cover i don’t so much mean occlude as distract. Like when we used misdirection to convince Aslan to wear that mickey mouse hat. Also a dolphin.

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