Codepaste 2 and Google Chrome: friends at last?

Codepaste2 displays correctly in Chrome. Finally!

In Opera, Safari, Firefox, and IE everything was great; in Chrome things went so very wrong — lines would wrap, lose opacity, and display behind themselves. Code was super difficult to read.

But now it works! And, to be honest, I’m not sure why. I updated the version of EditArea it uses, and didn’t see a change. When I switched its allow_resize option from both to y everything magically got better.

I was pretty happy. But then I changed y back to both and things didn’t get worse, which left me confused and a little scared.

I hope the issue was resolved by updating EditArea, and all the confusion was caused by some weird caching issue. Or maybe I forgot to refresh.

Codepaste v1 still gets heavier use than Codepaste v2. I wonder if that is by conscious decision, or if people just don’t know about Codepaste v2 and how much better it is.