Airtime data 2

I’ve added this last month’s data (up to November 17th) to my database of airtime usage. I also adjusted the script to automatically generate the answers for me – instead of summing and averaging manually.

I also noticed that Koodo does something strange! Jt’s calls often come in as private, so the number they’re from won’t be in my usage logs. Koodo logs those calls as from my phone number!
This may be what all or most phone companies do, but it’s still strange.

I rarely get a private call from anyone other than Jt, and when I do they are either very short or “missed”. I’ve had it add those entries to his minute bars.
Once I did that, his minutes jumped way up, and it became pretty clear that I speak most with him.

For phone usage graphs, this is a mistake. I should display those as either private or me. I doubt they would count as his number in any sort of plan optimization I could do.

I do wonder if I could add my own number as a frequent caller though, and have that cover all private numbers. That would be neat.

How many minutes do I average per month?

440 This went way up! It was 195 before.

How many billable minutes do I average per month?

132 This didn’t change much! It was 117 before.

Who do I talk to most during billable time?

jt, but it’s close (fiona is 92% of jt)

Who do I just talk to most?


Which hours do I use the most?

5pm, 6pm, 4pm


  1. Jt says:

    It’s true, I talk a lot