at high tea

Dancers are creepy. Their faces encased in layers upon layers of makeup, like some sort of onion without the delicious taste — even as they sport those static smiles shared by sufferers of Joker Venom.

Or, at least, that is what I learned at Zingara, after high tea.

I was placed in the very first of rows, so perhaps it is a surprise that I survived the “comedy”, the falling paper, and, yes, even the bubbles.

Things got a little sketchy at the conclusion of the show: there were some hands to be shook, and who tries to double-high-five a guy who has a book in one hand?

The theatre-style sets reminded me of Psychonauts.

And then it was off to Movie World. Warner Brothers Movie World, to be exact.

There was the wild, wild west. Exactly one more wild than I would have liked. I got a bit wet there, but luckily was distracted by a jet of water to the eye.

There was the lethal weapon ride, where one must first surrender all one’s possessions. It seemed to be broken, but I presume that was a trick played by the people behind me in line. I was just short enough to try it, and a little dizzy after it.

The Scooby Doo ride was broken, and sadly closed. They re-opened it, claiming they’d fixed the problem but never revealing what it was. A bad sign, but caution is for others and I braved Scooby’s haunted ride.

And then there was the Chamber of Secrets…

Basically I helped Batman save Gotham City. I’m pretty much a hero…of Gotham City.

Two days to Bradmas.