Today was JB’s birthday

Tomorrow, I am going for lunch with Circle. I worked there once, long ago.

It is a birthday lunch, but not at all JB’s. That guy is long gone. He escaped Abby’s grasp as soon as possible, and as far as I know has yet to fondly look back.

I was looking for something to post that I hadn’t posted before. Here are the original storyboards for Prawnager Prawnington, one for each of the four scenes.

And here is a donkey I drew for JP a while ago. He wanted a donkey that was wearing sunglasses, listening to an ipod, and had a 72o tattoo. Also, it’s tail is kind of a spade.



  1. Karl says:

    Birthday lunch =O

    I wonder what P. Prawnington would think of that donkey. Or perhaps vice versa.

  2. Brad says:

    I don’t think they would at all be friends. I suspect Commander Prawnington would get fed up with his donkey ways, and vow to destroy him?