Judo is not for teeth but for humans

I was working on this three by six foot banner for Tsang Dentistry, when I got one of those not enough memory to perform this task errors! So ha! to anyone who thought 12GB of RAM was excessive!

Unrelatedly, the banner was for a judo tournament, but other than that I don’t know much. I kept everything as large as possible because who knows what the average viewing distance will be?

It’s a tooth wearing a bathrobe! No big deal, he just got out of bed and answered his door only to find it is the entire human content of one judo competition on his porch and milling about his front yard! That tooth is having a bad day, and at a loss for appropriate words, but at least he is clean and also healthy.

Update (12/10/2009)

Arms and the belt to be black were requested.


  1. k says:

    I’m still struggling with the connection between dentistry and judo… Is the dentistry company sponsoring the tournament, and so they hired you to create an advertisement?

    If you ran out of 12 gigs of ram working on one image, and the image had 4 eight-bit channels and was twice as wide as it was high, then that image was:
    width = 2 * height
    4 * width * height >= 12 << 30
    height >= sqrt( (12 << 30) / 8 ) = 40k pixels

    Your banner is 40k pixels high and 80k pixels wide!

    I imagine photoshop probably was using memory for more than just one image, though.

  2. Brad says:

    illustrator! worse even, it was all vector and there were two identically-sized artboards next to each other 😀 I did also have photoshop/flash/flexbuilder/eclipse/etc open 🙁

  3. Brad says:

    also there was lots of stuff outside of either art board

  4. Karl says:

    Ahh so much of the memory was perhaps used up by inactive background applications!

    Perhaps a terabyte drive dedicated to virtual memory would be a worthwhile addition?

  5. Brad says:

    maybe a nice, though smaller, SSD? :O

  6. Karl says:

    superfast read speeds =O best for things that stay in the background a lot!

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