Poseidon Plumbing

Poseidon Plumbing (I didn’t make their website) is a local plumbing company that ordered some business cards (not from me) and was not altogether pleased with what they received. They asked that I design them some new cards using their existing logo, and sent a copy of their current card design for reference:

Their original card design

Their original logo file

The first thing I wanted to do was clean up the logo. I manually redrew the Ps, adjusted their spacing and colour, and left off the stroke. Which I think lends it a simpler, cleaner look.

I added the company name, and defined a faint gradient for it and the P in the foreground. And made versions for both light, and dark backgrounds.

Cleaned up logo

Scott liked the back of my card and wanted something like it for his own, but which conveyed the idea of water. I guess plumbers deal a lot with water, I don’t know.

I rewrote my business card viewer, using the Altered Effect Actionscript 3 library I’ve been developing, to make presenting the card easier and more effective.

Click to flip.

Cards may appear blurry in the viewer, but such behaviour is expected. Flash rasterizes as soon as you rotate about the Y axis.

I’ve included some JPGs, which will be slightly clearer, though they are similarly small. To be perfectly honest, they are the source images used by the flash viewer.

The bubbles on back of the card are a spot gloss; the background is the same colour, but shiny in those spots.

Tomorrow I’ll get them printed.



  1. k says:

    Those are pretty slick =O

    You have an AE library? I am jealous that you get to work on it.

    I usually deal with the blurring by scaling the image large before it’s rasterized and then small afterwards. I wanted to play the wmode on your flash to see if that affected the blurring, but I couldn’t figure out how. You are all fancily merging flash and javascript =O

    Also, the water faucet on their website looks like a little guy about to dive. I wonder if they did that intentionally.

  2. Shaun says:

    Spot gloss bubbles = awesome

  3. Brad says:

    I do and it is SVNed and everything! It has classes in it for various types of cards, as well as image managers and self-loading images. I use those classes for when I have to make galleries and slideshows, and set? It saves a lot of time and work. 🙂

    you can change the wmode using the {} before flashvars, i think. By making it {wmode: ‘whatevs’}. I can change it to a different one, if you want?

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