The Witcher costume – Halloween 2015

It was Halloween recently, and my months of reclusive toil finally came to fruition.

Perhaps you’ve heard of The Witcher, Geralt of Rivia. It was as he I dressed but with darker hair — my face artificially scarred and my eyes yellowed and cat-slit.

Geralt of Rivia costume

The Witcher costume

Costume making is bulky work, my apartment is now crowded with recently purchased crafting equipment – a heat gun, a rotary tool, and even a sewing machine; yards of fabric, and metres of interlocking foam; and can after can of sprayable paint.

Since I made the costume, it seems only fitting that I blog a bit about the process.

My Witcher costume includes:

  • foam armour, imitating wet-molded leather
  • the shirt, including fake-leather strips and chain
  • the pants and codpiece
  • the pauldrons, and accompanying straps
  • the pendant, with glowing eyes
  • the swords, specifically the pommels and guards
  • the fake scars and contacts