Risk of Rain 2 (intro and outro)

It was immediately clear to me that something was missing in my new career as a professional streamer. And, no – I know what you’re thinking – it wasn’t a dedicated following full of enchanted viewers. Chasing viewers is for people who don’t already have them, and I have a well-deserved zero, thank you very much.

It wasn’t skill.

No, what I was missing was something to take the edge off the jarring starts and stops that wrapped each stream – and I knew just what to do.

The first step was to figure out how on Earth to use After Effects. Whether I succeeded at that remains hotly debated, but I did manage to cobble together an intro video.

Realizing only then that future streams would feel unacceptably lopsided, I panicked and threw together a quick closing video as well.

Please enjoy with my blessing.


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