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I removed the project wonderful advertisement from Bradicon. Shaun once called it a failed experiment, and he was right.

Oh, and I decided averaging groups-of-days on that graph was misleading. Why would I average them? That doesn’t make sense.

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An image splits; time lacks distinctinction

A man named Shaun E. Kiernan asks if I know of any programs purposed toward splitting PNG files. Barring image editors, I do not.

Saying no to people is not something I do well. I offer to make him one. Development time should be brief.

I do so. It is so.

I rebel against the common over-use of text fields. I do not worry about certain conditions. If an image cannot be evenly divided, it will try for pixel fractions. This is an obvious mistake, but the fault is theirs.

I implement tarring, for increased ease-of-use. I commandeer and massage code from Bradicon. It is done in under an hour.

He laments its interface, though it seems functional. He claims it suits his need.

I spend some more time on the user interface. This is as far as I see it going.

It is a program that splits an image, and split images is what it does.


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Save the princess, she is feeble

I can tell from the hurtful lack of emails and comments that this past week without update has been noticed by most of you.

I can explain. And this isn’t just one of those explanations meant to stall for time and an opportunity for escape. It is that, but also nothing more.

There were a lot of things to be done after coming back from Victoria this past weekend. Most interesting being a second game demo contest with Shaun Kiernan, to be judged by his girl-friend’s sister’s boy-friend, Richard.