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Counter example!

So there’s this website that let’s you convert regular image files into icons. You’ve probably seen it before, maybe used it once or twice. It has a donate button, which allows donations by way of Paypal. That button is there for one reason, and one reason only: to prove Karl wrong.

You see, he once posited that no one ever donates. And now, finally, after all six of these months and 100,978 icon conversions, someone has. An entire American(USD) cent, and all the way from Italy. I mean sure, it may have been a mistake. I might even concede that it probably was a mistake. Either way, it’s a counter example!

Theory disproven.


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brackets or whatever you call them

At first I was all how am I going to deal with the order of operations? and I thought about maybe creating a parse tree.

That seemed excessive, especially when I thought about how simple calculators usually work, from a usage standpoint. Which was okay, even good, but how to account for brackets. Or better, nested brackets?

There’s probably a real name for this method, but I don’t know it. Karl will definitely know? And if he doesn’t he’s lying.

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When Google is not available, I ask Karl

I don’t know if you’ve ever used a web browser before, but a common UI convention is to display a box at the top of the window, into which you type an address (or, URL). It lets the browser know what you want to retrieve, and soon you are browsing away like a professional.

With certain websites, Chrome asks if I’d like to preform a website-specific search using a query typed directly into his very own address bar — something I find very cool and also reasonably useful.

Firefox, too, but who cares about him?

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Sometimes I forget to duck

I opened my eyes to Chris Evans. In time to witness the final fight scene, it wasn’t at all a sudden awakening. I wish I had slept right through.

I saw Push for the second time on Monday night. I was pretty tired, and I didn’t even like the movie the first time I saw it.

Don’t let that discourage you if you’re looking forward to seeing it. My taste probably differs from your own, though you should defer to mine.

But man, that out of place half an hour – it cured my tiredness for some time to come.