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When Google is not available, I ask Karl

I don’t know if you’ve ever used a web browser before, but a common UI convention is to display a box at the top of the window, into which you type an address (or, URL). It lets the browser know what you want to retrieve, and soon you are browsing away like a professional.

With certain websites, Chrome asks if I’d like to preform a website-specific search using a query typed directly into his very own address bar — something I find very cool and also reasonably useful.

Firefox, too, but who cares about him?

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gc6 UNION old

I recalled that the old was a blog itself.  In fact, it used WordPress.  Coincidence?  Possibly, but I wasn’t one to let good fortune pass me by. 

I’ve imported the old content, but since that was ~4 sites ago some of the links probably won’t work.  Who would read posts from 2007, anyway? 😛


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And now, the GC on Dreamhost?

Bradicon has been, what’s the word, receiving use? And that, among other things, left Nine more than a little anxious for space.

In the meantime, I’d chanced a glance at the new WordPress back-end. And it put the GC to shame. Shinier and newer than that dust-covered thing called a WordPress installation which was running the GC.

I think you can see where I’m going with this. When Life presents two rabbits, and but a single Frisbee, what else can you do?

The first step: editing the DNS file. Some Putty, and a little Emacs later, and certain subdomains were pointed toward Dreamhost.

Everything went smoothly, until the point where it did not. And not for the first time, Dreamhost couldn’t help breaking.

I don’t know why I seem to run into so many problems with them. Maybe I just try to do weird things. But, oh, well. I figured that like the other times, if I waited a few days it would fix itself. And good news, it did! Just two days later.

So now the GC is on Dreamhost! (it’s still on Nine, for now)

Certain things don’t work (the galleries, mainly) and it definitely needs to be re-styled. But perhaps in time it will become again the GC we’ve all grown to love, or, failing that, tolerate.


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A Sixth Life

Friends. Family. Not mine, of course, but moving on: I present to you the sixth version of the GC. It, like its predecessor GC5, makes use of RIPjax as made by KarlThe Script Master.

Behind this sixth version lies an idea: to update not upon completion of projects, but as they progress.

I leave tomorrow for distant shores. Your thoughts?

A soft laugh, a giggle riding a slight curve of hysteria, emerges from where once were lips. A body caked with soil uses a sturdy stone slab to pull itself, unsteadily, to its feet. Light glints off bone and illuminates pale green flesh. Hysteria and volume curve sharply upward with the realization that its resurrection is not its first, but its sixth.

It feels something. Its laughter ceases. This time, it knows, it is accompanied. Accompanied by something large and dark.

Doom fills its mind, and it recoils.

There can be only one reasonable means of communication. Ripjax: polylogue with nearly minimal corruption of sanity.

It smiles.

A new world greets it. Not yet aware that it should do so from its knees.