When Google is not available, I ask Karl

I don’t know if you’ve ever used a web browser before, but a common UI convention is to display a box at the top of the window, into which you type an address (or, URL). It lets the browser know what you want to retrieve, and soon you are browsing away like a professional.

With certain websites, Chrome asks if I’d like to preform a website-specific search using a query typed directly into his very own address bar — something I find very cool and also reasonably useful.

Firefox, too, but who cares about him?

Anyway, it caught my interest and when that happens there is one friend I turn to most of all. I asked Google about the situation, and he told me about Open Search description documents. I listened carefully, impressed by his knowledge and references – and guess what? They are super easy to make!

Also there are related plugins available for wordpress. Now you can search the GC from within your address bar! I think the future was yesterday.

Speaking of plugins, I installed another one that does syntax highlighting using Geshi, similar to codepaste classic nano touch.

the Altered Effect businesscard

Umm.. I submit that they look better in real life, which may even be true. The black side has shininess on it, in the shape of a portion of the altered effect logo. The gloss scratches off relatively easily, but whatevs.

The text on the black side is almost unnoticeable from most angles. Not what I intended, but I’m actually pretty cool with it.

I really like the weight and texture of the cards. They feel almost plastic-like. They came 7 days early, and I have ~950 of them. I am basically swimming in a sea of identical business cards right now.

Also, I’ve installed Portal on my media server and set it up with the wireless xbox360 receiver. When people come over, we can play portal on the TV now with the XBox360 controller — in addition to Left 4 Dead, and N+.

Brad out.



  1. Sheldon says:

    How much did you just sign off like Ryan Seacrest?

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