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Newspaper ads

It’s mysterious lack-of-website aside, Altered Effect is quickly becoming a design company. Which is cool! Design can be fun — and, you know, suspenseful.

Clients are definitely clients, but like many I suffer an urge toward diversity in task.

Am I traveling toward a lopsided portfolio, if ever one exists? Will I lose credibility when it comes to programming complex web-systems and sweet interfaces? It could happen — though, frankly, I doubt it. It would surprise me if many noticed or cared. Still, it’s time to get more programming contracts if I can figure out how.

That being said (up above, in case you missed it), I am very confident in my ability to program, less so to design. So all this design is hopefully a good sign!

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Judo is not for teeth but for humans

I was working on this three by six foot banner for Tsang Dentistry, when I got one of those not enough memory to perform this task errors! So ha! to anyone who thought 12GB of RAM was excessive!

Unrelatedly, the banner was for a judo tournament, but other than that I don’t know much. I kept everything as large as possible because who knows what the average viewing distance will be?