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Dead by Daylight – filterable perks

Dead by Daylight has added so many new characters and perks since I made my original perk search tool – but worry not! I’ve created an updated version, powered by Logipar and based on data from the fandom wiki. Complete with scripts to help me easily integrate additional perks, as they’re added.

As always with Logipar, you can filter using logical operators like and, or, and not. Parentheses welcome.

You can query a field directly (character, description, name) using : to match if the field contains a value, or = to match if the field is a value. Or just type in regular text to check if it’s contained in any of the fields.

For example, character:ace will match Ace Visconti and Ghost Face. Whereas, character=ace will only match Ace.

You can finally search for rummage to remember that the perk is actually called appraisal. Now if only they would add something similar to the game itself.

Dead by Daylight, now with filterable perks. Available on GigglingCorpse. Give it a try today at

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